Providing high quality, specialist, therapeutically based support for all Ambulance personnel, since 2017.

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The Green Heart Of Stepping Stones

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Welcome to The Green Heart Of Stepping Stones website!

 I am delighted you have clicked onto to our webpage, and hope that you will find all of the information you are looking for, as you consider whether we might be the source of support you are looking for.



There is more about the story behind The Green Heart Of Stepping Stones on our 'About' page, but for a quick spoiler... My passion for working with Ambulance personnel comes from both being married to a Paramedic for over 20 years, as well as having served on the Ambulance Street Triage car in the last few years of my 28 working in NHS mental health services. I have therefore experienced both sides of the coin professionally, which, added to spending the last 4 years building Stepping Stones, our overarching service, I have spent hundreds of hours working therapeutically with guys and gals in green.

I ensure that only the best therapists join me, and have hand picked all of the team myself. They bring a wealth of experience, skills and expertise to their work with Ambulance personnel, and enable us to offer counselling, psychotherapy, trauma focused CBT, EMDR, AMDR and much, much more.

You will notice that we have a variety of pages for you to find out more about us, including one where information is provided around different peer and therapeutic groups we offer and others where there is information around our latest ventures. 

We update the website regularly, so please do come back as and when you can, and feel free to share our details with colleagues and acquaintances alike - as you will see our main ethos at The Green Heart Of Stepping Stones is to reduce the stigma of staff experiencing mental health difficulties that seems prevalent in the Ambulance service and, thereby, to promote wellbeing as a way of life for all those who have and continue to serve in green. It is through this work that we hope to play a significant part in reducing the level of suicides amongst ambulance personnel.

Therapy can be a life changer for so many people, but is not always what our clients are looking for. That is why, at The Green Heart, we also promote a range of different avenues of support including Peer Support Groups and encourage a range of different psychoeducative focuses, including lots of awesome Mindful Meditation recordings.

At The Green Heart we completely appreciate that sometimes life gets particularly hard, which is why we additionally provide support when those moments of crisis occur..... whether it is a bad job, a bad day, or something which is a little more deep routed but has reached its' peak. At those times, you can access initial text based support where one of the therapy team will be available to speak to, offload and share the burden.

If you find that you have any questions remaining, at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact us 

as we will be more than happy to help find the answers you are seeking.

With my warmest wishes,


Rebekah Golds-Jones UKCP Reg, UPCA Reg, MBACP, AccProf NCS, ACTO Approved

Managing Director and Founder of The Green Heart Of Stepping Stones

Consultant Psychotherapist, Clinical Lead for 999 work and Senior Clinical Supervisor

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Certified EMDR Therapist, CISM Practitioner, Trauma Therapist, L6 Clinical Supervisor, 

EFT Therapist, ACT Therapist, Mindfulness Instructor, PhD Student (Psychotherapy)